Welcome from our Head of School
Welcome from our Head of School

Welcome to First Baptist Academy! 

For more than 25 years, FBA has been equipping students with the Truth of God’s Word while developing their character, intellect, and potential to explore, create, challenge, and lead. This mission permeates our culture and directs our programming.

It is challenging to effectively equip students today while facing the influence of digital technology and social media, cultural shifts in defining truth, and divisive communities. Therefore, our mission to shape the hearts of our students, through our five core values, is equally as important as preparing their minds through our core curriculum. 

James K. A. Smith stated, ‘our God-given calling is to cultivate and disciple a “peculiar people,” a people who think, feel, and live differently than the world around them…” Understanding this calling, our faculty at FBA are dedicated to transforming students’ hearts and minds enabling them to grow into “peculiar” young scholars. 

My hope is God will lead your family to inquire about FBA and consider joining our Warrior family. We anticipate your visit!

Serving Him,
Signature of Teresa Chambers, M.x., CPA, Head of School

ACTABS Accredited


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