We are pleased to connect families with a wide variety of after school and extracurricular activities.

Excellent Opportunities

From foreign languages to athletics, our students have access to some great opportunities.*

*These opportunities are not directly affiliated with Encore, however Encore staff will facilitate students connecting with the instructors for these extracurricular activities.


Amazing Athletes

Inspiring Active Futures for the Next Generation

Amazing Athletes empowers kids by teaching skills from 10 different sports in a fun, non-competitive, educational environment. Amazing Athletes is on a mission to inspire active futures for the next generation, using sports as a catalyst to empower kids to discover their inner strength & athletic abilities. Partnering with schools and communities, helping to set kids on a path to an active and healthy lifestyle by teaching them the basics of sports, health, and nutrition. By introducing kids to a variety of sports and physical activities, Amazing Athletes gives them an opportunity to discover and explore to find what they most enjoy and can pursue as they grow.

  • Ages: PreK3 - First Grade
American Robotics Academy

Imagineers and Gears | Bridge Kinder - First Grades - It’s time to take your building to the next level. In the Imagineers program, students are tasked with structured building. Learning how to put pieces using LEGO elements together to create a structure, whether it be a car, house, bridge, etc. Structural Integrity is an important part of the Imagineers curriculum. Emphasis is put on not just making “cool” creations but understanding what materials and designs will keep their builds safe and sound. This class will emphasize the importance of the fundamentals of building and set the groundwork to not only make their creations structurally sound, but also prepare them to make their creations move once they get into primary grade levels in our afterschool robotics program. Become the architect of your dreams in our Imagineers program. The possibilities are endless.

Crazy Action Contraptions | Second - Fourth Grades - Here’s your chance to be creative and a little wacky, too. We’ll be making some very “crazy and bizarre” contraptions that will truly amaze you. Your imagination can go “wild” with ideas on how to create even more complicated mechanical wonders. With motors, gears, pulleys, wheels of various sizes, and tons of other cool LEGO pieces.

  • Ages: Bridge Kinder - Fifth Grade
Arts Alive! Inc.

Education through Imagination

Arts Alive!’s Creative Movement Program strives to create success for all its students in the classroom and in life by providing a joyful mind-body integration experience. Arts Alive! teaches creative movement, drama and dance through and originally created curriculum. Through this curriculum all students joyfully learn fine and gross motor skills, communication and social skills.

  • Ages: Bridge Kinder - Second Grade
Chess Wizards

Your Brain is Your Super Power!

Chess is the best with Chess Wizards! With an inspiring curriculum and a fun group setting, classes are a perfect fit for children of all ages and skill levels! An interactive curriculum is exactly what kids need to challenge their brains. They'll learn skills that will help them thrive both on and away from the chess board! In today’s digitally connected world, Chess Wizards gives children time to interact face-to-face with friends, improve their critical thinking skills, and learn good sportsmanship.

  • Ages: Bridge Kinder - Fifth Grade
Cook Learn Grow

A Cooking School for Kids!

Does your child LOVE to cook?  Do you have a picky eater?  Cook, Learn, Grow's food literacy program teaches age appropriate techniques, food origins, seasonal recipes, and kitchen safety while having hands-on fun! Students gain self-confidence while reinforcing core academics. Sample Themes: Eat the Rainbow, Tis the Season, Melting Pot, Grow it, Cook it, Food Groups, Holidays and more.

  • Ages: Bridge Kinder - Fourth Grade
Dance Fun

After school dance classes for children. Classes incorporate uplifting ballet, child friendly jazz/hip-hop, or creative movement, and tap dance.

  • Ages: Twos - Fifth Grade
Everlasting Taekwon-Do

Are you interested in bettering yourself physically, mentally, & spiritually? Then you are in the right place! Everlasting Taekwon-Do provides traditional Taekwondo training, which is a fun and fantastic fitness experience for the individual or for the whole family! Our primary focus to provide excellent training to students ages four & up, in a positive engaging, and most importantly Christ centered environment

  • Ages: PreK4 - Eighth Grade
Language Kids World

Bringing the World to your Child

Language Kids World's mission is to connect children to culture through language and fun through foreign language acquisition programs. Music and play based, student-centered and hands on activities that promote long-term memory retention and foster curiosity for other cultures. Languages offered: Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, and French.

  • Ages: PreK3 - Second Grade
On the Right Path

A child. A ball. A dream.

On the Right Path aims to simply integrate the game of basketball with character-building, allowing kids to see the similarities between being a successful player and a successful person. On the Right Path is rooted in the spirit of legendary coach Pete Newell, who always had a genuine passion for helping and teaching others. The mission of On the Right Path is to guide youth on the right path to achieving their maximum potential through education, mentorship, and basketball skill development.

  • Ages: Kinder - Eighth Grade
School of Fine Arts at Houston’s First Baptist Church

The mission at the School of Fine Arts (SoFA) is to develop and educate our Houston’s First family and community to help realize their fullest potential for service in ministry at their local church. SoFA accomplishes excellence in musical education through private lessons, group classes, and performance events throughout the year. SoFA teachers are some of the most qualified in the surrounding Houston area. All are welcome to take lessons, inside and outside the church. Continually expanding and pursuing excellence as SoFA seeks to inspire the same in others.

  • Ages: Bridge Kinder - Eighth Grade
Soccer Shots

The Children’s Soccer Experience

Soccer Shots is an engaging children’s soccer program with a focus on character development. A caring team positively impacts children’s lives on and off the field through best-in-class coaching curriculum and communication. Coaches are the best trained coaches in the business. Expert-approved curriculum is age appropriate and aligns with childhood education standards. In addition, Soccer Shots has proved an exceptional customer experience and ongoing communication with parents. Soccer Shots utilizes creative and imaginative games to focus on basic soccer skills like dribbling, passing, and shooting. Positive character traits in each session, such as respect, teamwork, and appreciation, is highlighted.

  • Ages: PreK3 - Kinder
Stretch & Grow

Fitness Stars - Watch your kids develop focus and gain self-control from physical activity that will help with school and sports readiness and skyrocket them to their next milestone...all while making friends and having FUN! 

  • Ages: Twos - PreK3
Tumbling & Gymnastics

Gymnastics classes focus on tumbling, balance beam, stretching, vault, single bar, and floor exercises. Teacher-pupil ratio is 1:6 for younger and 1:8 for older.

  • Ages: Twos - PreK4 
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