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Warrior Athletics

Our mission in athletics is to develop student athletes of high character and prepare them physically, mentally and spiritually through athletics.

Our Coaching Philosophy

The focus of our coaching philosophy is to use sports to help our students grow and mature physically and mentally while developing their character and love for the Lord. Sportsmanship and integrity is at the forefront of the program, regardless if we win or lose.


Fullest Potential

Physically, students will develop greater strength and conditioning, greater coordination, and greater sport specific-skills as we place emphasis on the basic skills that need to be developed for each sport. Mentally, students develop perseverance, a strong work ethic and responsibility through the emphasis that is placed on skills. We want the student athletes to learn how to persevere and work hard to achieve their goals.


Our Vision

The FBA Athletic Department's vision is to build a solid foundation of character and prepare the students to be successful in whatever area of life they choose to participate in, whether it is in athletics or elsewhere - this is our ultimate goal.



Conquering Challenges

We desire our athletes to be of high character, hard-working, responsible, and have the knowledge of the sports they engage in. As the students go on to high school and college, traits can be sustained throughout all of these phases of life. When difficult times arise, the student should have the foundation to be able to take on challenges and conquer them with confidence.

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First Baptist Academy offers a wide variety of sports teams for Middle School students to choose from and participate in.


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