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The Karen Lennard-Lee Library serves students PreK3-8th grade. The FBA Library is the information hub for the school. In support of FBA's commitment to educational excellence, the Library collects, organizes, and facilitates access to information. Because teaching is at the heart of what this Library represents, the Library supports learning and researching in an intellectually open environment.

Innovation Lab

Collaboration and creativity are fostered by the hands-on STEM learning experiences available to FBA students in the Innovation Lab.

Collaboration Station

Learning spaces do impact learning. The Collaboration Station offers students a space to explore and discuss concepts and ideas with peers and teachers.

Reading Area

This comfortable lounge area is a student gathering point in the FBA library. It offers an ideal environment for reading, homework, and studying.

Teaching Area

Weekly library classes for Lower School students meet in the Teaching Area. It includes a gathering rug for younger students, an active board, and a camera for teaching literature lessons and research skills.

Pre-School Area

The theme in the PreK area changes each month. Books and various activities relating to each month's theme contribute to an overall learning experience.

Lego Wall

Younger students are given opportunities to build and create Lego Wall projects using their creativity and problem-solving skills. These projects offer the additional benefit of fostering fine motor development.

Library Hours

7:30AM - 4:00PM

"Thank you for challenging us!"

This program has really increased how much we have read together as a family. It's been great family time!
-Melissa Weber,
Lower & Middle School Parent

Meet the Librarian

Donna Hester

Donna Hester