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Student Life at First Baptist Academy is active, engaging, and purposeful. A variety of opportunities are offered in our Fine Arts, Chapel, Athletics, Library, and Technology departments.

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We have really enjoyed all of the different opportunities for growth in our Fine Arts program. Our children have not only learned new skills, but have grown in their areas of interest. I love that they have had the opportunity to try new things like playing an instrument, singing in the school musical or using art to express God’s word. These types of learning experiences are invaluable. Kristin Hawkinson, Middle School Parent


Chapel at FBA encourages our children to press into God and not be afraid to share their faith. It is so neat to watch teachers, faculty, staff and students come together to worship Jesus Christ. The Bible gives us two main commandments - to love God and to love our neighbors as ourselves - and weekly chapel reinforces this purpose for each of their lives. First Baptist Academy is a special place and is a blessing to our family!Meredith Villere, Primary & Lower School Parent


Athletics at FBA has been instrumental and we are so thankful that we found FBA for our son for 7th and 8th grade. In his public middle school, it was hard to make the sport teams, the drama class was too large and he was making great grades while not really paying attention in class. When we moved David to FBA, he was able to be on the cross country and the soccer teams and work with great coaches that were interested in his personal and athletic development.The Buckles Family


Teaching Digital Citizenship in school helps teachers, students, and parents understand how to use technology and the Internet safely, respectfully, and responsibly. With the prevalence of technology in our students’ lives today, they need to know that they have responsibilities to themselves, their friends and family, and even the online community at large to create, communicate, and collaborate in ways that respect and protect. As we teach them to be good digital citizens, we are teaching them to evaluate how these digital tools help achieve those goals.
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