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The best way to get to know FBA is through a visit. Come meet our students, get to know our teachers, and check out our campus. See the difference we can make for your child and family!

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Mary Torregrossa

Mary Torregrossa

Director of Admissions
Kimberly Lankford

Kimberly Lankford

Asst. Director of Admissions - Lower & Middle

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Singapore Math allows FBA students to gain a depth of understanding, fluency with skills, and confidence in problem solving. When solving real-world problems, students are able to apply understanding through discovery, critical/abstract thinking, and mathematical reasoning.Meredith Bingham, Middle School Math Teacher


The StemScopes at FBA make learning fun, especially with daily hands-on experiments. The kids love the web-based videos and study guides that reinforce the learning and appeal to digitally-minded learners. Melissa Blakeslee, Middle School Parent


Our kids always talk about the great things that they created during their weekly art class and bring their excitement home. One of their favorite after school activities is to draw, color and create with their paints, colored pencils and markers at home. Our favorite thing is that their art often supersedes any favorite shows or ipad time.Jason & Liberty Riley, Lower School Parent


FBA's Middle School Athletics Department focuses on developing a well-rounded student athlete. The school's state of the art facilities provide the students with unique experiences to train and excel in their sport(s). What I love most of all about our athletic program is that character and integrity are valued and celebrated over any win/loss record. I have been so proud of our coaches and the Christ-centered example they are to our students.Dana Wilburn, Middle School Parent




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40 students received financial assistance last year


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100% of FBA graduates are admitted to one of their top high school choices

+360 iPads, laptops, and different technology outlets