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FBA Middle School

Jenni Razeghi

Jenni Razeghi

Middle School Principal


First Baptist Academy has an organized block schedule for the Middle School students. The 5th and 6th Grade students have a modified block schedule where they see Math and ELA daily. The rest of their core classes alternate between 'Blue' and 'White' days. The 7th and 8th Grade students have a true block schedule, having 3 core classes on each 'Blue' and 'White' day. Elective classes are attended daily in all Middle School grades.

The change to a modified/true block schedule has given our students the ability to learn time management skills while reducing the amount of daily homework. Teachers are able to dig deeper in their classes and encourage more collaboration in their lessons. Science classes have plenty of time to complete labs in one period rather than being broken up in consecutive days. Students, and parents alike, have been positive in their feedback with the new schedule.