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FBA Middle School

Jenni Razeghi

Jenni Razeghi

Middle School Principal


Middle School at FBA focuses on building academic, social, physical, and spiritual foundations to set our students up for success as they progress in life. We want to do more than just prepare our students for high school and college. We want to partner with our parents to build a community that promotes intellectual curiosity; develops a child’s moral integrity and character; encourages self-discipline while building a strong work ethic; and advances their physical and mental fitness. Most importantly, the focus in Middle School is to help students cultivate a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Through project-based, collaborative instruction, our teachers create a challenging environment that meets students where they are, while raising expectations and helping them achieve success. Students are given multiple leadership opportunities that allow them the ability to learn about themselves and discover their God-given talents. Our students are being prepared for an unknown job force. The majority of careers that exist today won’t be the same in 5 years. Therefore, technology, critical thinking and collaboration are key facets of our curriculum.

Our approach is enthusiastically and boldly Christian. Our students experience a curriculum that is biblically integrated because God is at work in all areas of our lives.