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Our faculty is committed to helping each student reach their full potential and uncover their God-given gifts. Each classroom experience offers a challenging curriculum that engages and intellectually develops students in core subjects and programs.

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FBA has a comprehensive Bible curriculum that challenges students to view the world through the framework of a Biblical worldview. This approach allows students to articulate who God is, what He has done to redeem man through Jesus, His Son, and how they have a responsibility as God’s servants in this world.Pam Netter, Middle School Bible Teacher


The Biblical learning at FBA is incredible. It's not just something that is touched on occasionally but is embedded in every lesson. My 3 year old not only knows Bible verses but how to apply them in life and I'm always impressed by what he is learning at such a young age!Tiffany Baumgartner, Primary School Parent


Our family loves FBA! Our kids are loved every day when they walk into school by the administration, faculty and all of their friends. We knew we made the right decision when our oldest daughter THRIVED in first grade at FBA after trying a different school for kindergarten. The nurturing environment, that is core to our school, allowed her to open up and really be self confident. Katrina Lee, Lower School Parent


The FBA faculty goes out of their way to make sure that we know how our children are doing at school. We get unexpected emails praising our children for their character in their daily actions. I feel fortunate to be part of the FBA community. I feel connected, special and valued.Denise Woods, Middle School Parent

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Marcy Harwell Clark

Marcy Harwell Clark

Director of Early Childhood
Mary White, M. Ed.

Mary White, M. Ed.

Primary and Lower Schools Principal
Kelli Diers, M.Ed., LPC

Kelli Diers, M.Ed., LPC

Middle School Principal
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