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Our faculty is committed to helping each student reach their full potential and uncover their God-given gifts. Each classroom experience offers a challenging curriculum that engages and intellectually develops students in core subjects and programs.


Spiritual Life





I love FBA because I can trust that my children are being pointed towards Christ in everything they do! Not only are they going to chapel once a week, but in their classrooms they are praying and being constantly reminded that their character is important. Academics matter, but their spiritual growth matters for eternity! I’m so thankful they’re in a place that isn’t shy about what’s most important!”.Lisa Holcomb, Lower & Middle School Parent


"We are so blessed to have found First Baptist Academy, where our children are getting not only high-quality Christian education, but also a deep spiritual awareness and love for God. It is comforting to know that when we drop them off each morning, they are with teachers and staff who truly love them and care about their well-being. We treasure FBA’s commitment to our children."Kal-Yeau & Ivonne Chiok, Primary & Lower School Parents


When your little ones start school, you come to the sobering realization that others will be spending more time with your child in a day than you get to. We chose FBA not just for the strong academics, but it was important and comforting for us to know the truth we speak at home about God and character would also be nurtured and reinforced at school. FBA has lived up to their mission statement, and for that, we feel great having our kids there. Jessica Colley, Lower School Parent


It has been such a wonderful journey to see our children grow from a place of learning, gaining meaningful relationships with friends and teachers, but most of all their relationship with God and their faith. Making the decision to join FBA has provided them with a foundation and love for Christ that will carry with them for their entire lives.Krysty Kling, Lower & Middle School Parent

Meet the Team

Marcy Harwell Clark

Marcy Harwell Clark

Director of Early Childhood
Carrie Bowden, M.Ed.

Carrie Bowden, M.Ed.

Principal, PreK3-Second Grades
Kelli Diers, M.Ed., LPC

Kelli Diers, M.Ed., LPC

Principal, Third-Eighth Grades
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