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Welcome to First Baptist Academy! We have the joy of equipping students with the TRUTH OF GOD'S WORD in an educational environment. Specifically, there are four ways we carry out this mission.

First, students Explore their unique God-given talents through scripture, song, artwork, physical activity, mind-bending math problems, scientific experiments, and many more instructional methods. We talk a lot about each student created in God’s image and with different talents.

Our faculty work to Create an environment for growth in their classrooms. We desire to create an environment of growth for our students. More than a growth in knowledge, we desire for our students to grow in a Christ-like manner with wisdom and the Truth. Throughout the Bible, we are called to grow out of the infancy stage into a mature stage serving His Kingdom.

On a daily basis, we Challenge our students academically, athletically, creatively and spiritually. We want to challenge our students academically, physically and spiritually. Challenge is a strong, active word just like our students. We are building leaders that will rise to the top in their academic studies, physical abilities and spiritual understanding.

Ultimately, we want to lead our students towards the cross so they may be spiritual leaders in their high schools. We desire to see them transformed and as Psalm 86:12 states praising Him with all their heart, forever. Through academic studies, physical education, and fine arts, we want to share His story with them.

We are thankful for each child who spends a season with us and take it with great responsibility. My prayer is that God will lead your family to join our FBA Warrior family. We anticipate your arrival!

Faithfully serving,

Teresa Chambers, M.S., CPA