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Rooted in the ministry of Houston’s First Baptist Church (HFBC), First Baptist Academy (FBA) serves students, from Infant through 8th Grade, and their families. Our passion is to equip students with the TRUTH OF GOD'S WORD while developing their character and intellect. Children are taught to explore their unique God-given talents, create an environment of change, be challenged academically, athletically, creatively, and spiritually, and lead others towards the cross.

Our faculty takes their leadership role with students personally. They are key to helping create young people with a strong Christian identity. Our curriculum tightly integrates Christian faith into learning in every class and every activity. Our faculty shares their own personal journeys of faith to develop trust. Our environment creates lasting memories, friendships, and a foundational Biblical worldview.

We challenge our students in numerous ways — academically, athletically, creatively, and spiritually. At our core, we are helping children uncover and develop their God-given talents and gifts. For some this may mean a focus on science, for others it may be a focus on the arts. Our eighth grade graduates are routinely admitted to some of the top high schools in the greater Houston area; and continue to perform well, both academically and socially.

Great leaders inspire and motivate others through everything they do. We focus on developing traits of great leadership—exceptional listening and communication, empathy, exploring all aspects of an issue, and being open to new possibilities. By equipping our students with these skills, we prepare them for any course in life that they may take.


The Independent School Association of the Southwest (ISAS) accredits First Baptist Academy. ISAS membership provides FBA with high-level networking, benchmarking, and professional development with the top schools in Houston and the country.


  • National Alliance of Christian Schools (NACS)
  • The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS)
  • National Association of Secondary Schools (NASS)
  • Educational Records Bureau (ERB)
  • National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)
  • National Association of Student Councils (NASC)