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2022-2023 Encore Enrollment

The Encore Program provides supervision in a Christian atmosphere for FBA students enrolled in Bridge Kindergarten through 8th Grade as an extension of the regular school day. An opportunity to complete homework is provided for 1st through 4th Grade students. A teacher supervised study session is provided for Middle School students. Snacks are served and some physical activity is encouraged.

The Encore Program begins at the close of the school day and ends promptly at 6:00PM. Lower and Middle School students enrolled in after school programs (i.e. extra-curricular activities) should report to Encore immediately following dismissal from school. They will be picked up by their activity instructor, and parents should pick up their child immediately after the activity ends. Children whose parents are not here to pick up their child will be placed back in Encore classes and charged $30.00 for the day, with the exception of those already enrolled on a monthly basis.

The monthly basis fee for each student is $240 per month for the first child and $175 per month for each additional child. The drop-in basis fee is $30 per actual days attended (example: 8 days = $240). Charges for students not picked up by 6:00PM are $15 for each fifteen minutes or portion thereof after 6:00PM, in addition to the drop-in or monthly fee.

All families enrolled in Encore will be billed on their Smart Tuition account.

For students enrolled in the monthly basis, no discount is given for December (Christmas), March (Spring Break), or April (Easter Break). However, for students on the monthly basis, no charge is made for August to offset the shorter months listed above. Billing is handled a month in arrears (i.e., August services will be billed September, etc.). No reimbursement will be given for days not used when registering for monthly extended care.

Please note: Each student is allowed one change per school year from enrollment in the monthly basis to the drop-in basis, or vice versa. No change can be made until the Business Office receives a new Encore enrollment form. The change will be made for the month following the date the Business Office receives the new Encore Enrollment Form. If a parent sees that they will be unable to pick up their child by 6:00PM, they should call 713.290.2526.

Pickup Information

Please pull into Circle Drive and remain in your vehicle. One of our Encore staff members will come out to your vehicle and confirm pickup information.

For any questions, please feel free to email the Encore Coordinator Abby Greer or call 713.290.2548.