"Each year proves to be amazing!"

Some of our fondest memories of FBA will be the Fine Arts Productions from PreK all the way through 8th Grade!
-Kim Lankford,
Middle School Parent


Primary School

The visual arts are integrated into the Primary School curriculum. Students are taught the importance of the creative process and different ways that they can express themselves artistically using media such as crayons, finger paint, and clay. They have the opportunity to create their own pieces of art and express themselves in a new way.

PreK music class is all about experiencing music through singing, movement, musical games, and playing basic percussion instruments. Students practice musical opposites like high/low, fast/slow, same/different, and by the end of PreK4, students can clearly identify basic musical opposites. Students learn to distinguish different voice types (whisper, talk, sing, shout, and inner voice) and have many opportunities to practice keeping a steady beat.


Joanna Toups

PreK3-4th Grade Art Teacher
EMAIL | 713.290.2500

Star Smith

PreK3-4th Grade Music Teacher
EMAIL | 713.290.2500