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We have really enjoyed all of the different opportunities for growth in our Fine Arts program. Our children have not only learned new skills, but have grown in their areas of interest. I love that they have had the opportunity to try new things like playing an instrument, singing in the school musical or using art to express God’s word. These types of learning experiences are invaluable.
-Kristin Hawkinson
Middle School Parent



The Visual Arts Program presents students with a host of opportunities to explore. Students receive instruction in areas including: drawing, mixed media, mosaic, painting, pottery, and sculpture. Art is a semester-long course at First Baptist Academy and each student presents their work at one of two art festivals held each year.

Students may choose the performing art in the way they participate. They can join band or choir as elective courses, and may also elect to audition for the annual Spring Play as an extracurricular activity.


Middle School art students have the opportunity to participate in competitions throughout the school year including PSIA, Junior VASE, Imago Dei, and the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo's art competition. Many of our Middle School students have received top ten finalist ribbons from HLSR, state-level awards from PSIA, and Superior ratings from Junior VASE.

Nan Harvey

Middle School Art Teacher
EMAIL | 713.290.2519


Students who chose Band are immersed in music from day one. They learn music theory, proper technique, care of their specific instruments, and how to be a part of a concert band. In addition, students develop an appreciation for international music and music culture and get to experience preforming live both competitively and for our FBA family, solo, and with an ensemble. The concert band has won numerous awards at competitions throughout the city and are continually encouraged to express themselves musically as leaders in the arts!

Gumaro Gomez

Middle School Band Teacher
EMAIL | 713.290.2587


Choir students build on skills previously learned in Lower School and learn how to sing cohesively as a unified group. Students sight read excerpts using solfege and practice identifying rhythmic and melodic notation. Fundamental skills of posture, breathing, tone, and articulation are addressed. In addition to singing, students learn the historical or cultural context of the choral literature they sing and are able to communicate a deeper understanding of the text. Students perform in unison, 2-part harmony, and a Capella singing.

Lisa Holcomb

Middle School Choir Teacher


Students who choose the Dramatic Arts participate in drama classes, semester showcases, and the annual spring play. These students learn many different aspects of theatrical production both on stage and behind the scenes.

While a dedicated director from AD Players heads the department, the programs are student-led. Those on stage learn the art of dramatic expression, including verbal and non-verbal communication of the play’s message. A student-led crew works behind the scenes to manage - and often create - props, costumes, and set pieces. Past plays performed by the FBA Drama Department include: In the Village of Brothers Grimm, The Snow Queen, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, The Big Bad Musical, and more.

AD Players Directors: Stephen Hurst & Mandi Beck