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Welcome To Primary School

Marcy Harwell Clark

Marcy Harwell Clark

Director of Early Childhood
Mary White, M. Ed.

Mary White, M. Ed.

Primary and Lower Schools Principal


What is the Environment like in Primary School?

The environment in Early Childhood is one that revolves around family. It is warm and welcoming where learning play are guided by the caring hearts of our faculty and staff.

What is the Curriculum for Primary School?

All classes in the Early Childhood and Primary School use formal curriculum that is aligned and prepares students for their academic future. The curriculum contains a balance of hands on activities that develop social, emotional, and academic skills.

How is the Bible Integrated in the Curriculum?

Bible lessons and Chapel are an important part of our week that help develop the spiritual side of our students.

Does the Primary School offer Enrichment Classes?

There are a variety of offerings ranging from foreign languages, music and movement, technology, fine arts, and chapel.

What is the Teacher-Student Ratio?

Each class has a full time teaching assistant in their room to support the lead teacher. The assistants help the lead teacher with daily classroom routine, support students' learning through small group activities, implement behavior management strategies, and plan and instruct the daily Bible lesson. The assistants care for the students and remain in the classroom for the extended day program (3-6PM). FBA strives to maintain low classroom ratio, and always maintains recommended State Licensing ratios.

What is Half Day/Extended Day?

It is an extension of our school day. Students in extended care are exposed to bible lessons, outdoor play, center exploration, and arts and crafts.