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The Middle School Counselor meets with students and their family in the Spring of their 7th Grade year and continues to work with them throughout the Fall of the 8th Grade year to help them assemble their list of prospective high schools. Students are encouraged to attend Open Houses and go on shadow visits to their schools of interest. Application deadline dates should be taken note of.

Applications typically require the student to complete a short answer or essay, which should be reviewed by the counselor or an English teacher. We advise not sending in the application without several reviews.

Students are instructed to register to take the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) at and/or the High School Placement Test (HSPT) by contacting the Admissions Office of that particular school.

Students are asked to return the signed Request for Student Transcript form and signed Math and English teacher recommendation forms to the counselor no later than December 1. The Middle School Counselor will see that the completed recommendations and all required school documents are sent to each school that the student is applying to.

The last step in the placement process is the interview. Once the interview appointment has been made with the school, students are offered the opportunity to schedule a practice session with the counselor prior to the actual day of the interview.