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"Our son was in the CAS program at FBA and is now in high school. He was extremely well prepared and organized because of the skills he learned in this program. He grew spiritually and matured as he received the support he needed in a loving and caring environment."
-FBA Parent


"Our son was enrolled in the CAS Program for his last two years of Middle School after being diagnosed with a learning disability at the end of 6th Grade. He is now in High School and is extremely well prepared and organized because of the skills he learned in this program. We are so blessed to be in this program."

-FBA Parent

"Our story began when our six year old daughter was denied admission into two private schools. She was, however, accepted by FBA on the condition that she enter CAS.

Stressfully, we wondered, what's CAS, and why does my child need any special program? Worse, we had her tested by third-party experts who declared our child had issues that were basically untreatable, and that she would "always be average at best." The CAS specialists at FBA disagreed, informing us that the therapy provided in the CAS program would not only help our child survive academically, but thrive. With that advice, we signed up. That's when our journey began.

From that point on, our very understandable anxiety and alarm subsided. For five years, our child received excellent treatment; but more importantly, we were impressed, if not blown away, by how well the CAS therapists, with their laser focus, honed in on the specific areas of concern. Also for five years, we, the parents, received professional, detailed, and well-reasoned feedback. For example, each year the therapists retested our child and compared the results with the results from previous years so that we could visualize the trajectory of improvement.

Without a doubt, the one-on-one sessions, the scientific nature of those sessions, and the pace at which the CAS specialists challenged our daughter, combined to propel her from one math level to the next, from one reading level to next, and from one reading comprehension level to the next. On top of all of that, our child climbed more of those levels, in each of those categories, than she moved up in grades at school, or grew in years of age.

To stop there would be a disservice to the CAS program as well as to any parent reading this testimonial. That is because the most important benefit we received stemmed from the obvious fact that the program is comprised within a typical school, with typical children, and with a typical daily schedule. Fortunately, as a result, we were able to send all our children to the same school. But there is more: we were able to receive all of the benefits associated with our child's intellectual development without sending her to a school where she would not have experienced typical life in an elementary school. Consequently, our precious child's self esteem was not only NOT undermined, much less destroyed, but it remained unscathed by receiving "special" one-on-one treatment. In fact, we were eye witnesses to the spike in our child's confidence and self esteem, which growth occurred while she systematically climbed, with CAS by her side, from one level to the next. Now, she is ready for that next and final level for which we prayed.

Just this year, our daughter graduated from CAS. Our daughter is genuinely ready to take that final step and enjoy a complete, seamless and very natural transition to, and assimilation into, absolutely "normal" life at the Middle School level. That we received and achieved all of this by the 6th Grade is, in a word, a blessing. For that, and on behalf of our now very confident and independent daughter, we will be eternally grateful."

-FBA Parent