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Meet the Director of CAS

Bridget Hughes, M.Ed., PCET, CDT

Bridget Hughes, M.Ed., PCET, CDT

Director of Center for Academic Success


CAS intervention programs can be one-on-one or small group, with sessions including a variety of techniques designed to address specific areas of difficulty and to improve overall abilities to think, reason and process information in basic skill areas such as Reading, Writing, Spelling and Math.

Level I

A “First Response to Intervention Checklist” is developed between the teacher and the Principal, Counselor and CAS Director when an academically struggling student is identified. Parents are informed of the intent and purpose of implementing intervention techniques. Assessments are conducted after four to six weeks to determine the need for additional intervention.

Level II

If Level I support services are not sufficient for a student’s overall academic success, the teacher, Principal, Counselor and CAS Director will conference with the parents to recommend a Level II intervention plan such as:

  • Academic Coaching (5th - 8th grades)
  • RX for Discovery Math (K - 4th grades)
  • RX for Discovery Reading (2nd - 8th grades)
  • Search & Teach (Bridge Kinder - 1st grades)
  • Skill Building (K - 8th grades)

Level III

If Level II intervention has not been successful by the end of a semester and a learning issue is suspected, the teacher, parents, Principal, Counselor and CAS Director will determine if an educational evaluation is necessary. Based on evaluation results, an intensive, individualized and targeted intervention program is recommended.

  • Discovery (NILD/Discovery Educational Therapy, 2nd - 8th grades)
  • ET2 (half-time NILD/Discovery Educational Therapy, 2nd & 3rd grades)