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Meet the Director of CAS

Bridget Hughes, M.Ed., PCET, CDT

Bridget Hughes, M.Ed., PCET, CDT

Director of Center for Academic Success


Are there additional fees?

Yes, the fees will vary depending upon which CAS program your child is enrolled in.

How long is a student enrolled in the CAS program?

The amount of time a student is enrolled in a CAS program will depend upon each student. Students that are enrolled in a Level II or Level III CAS program will be assessed annually. The results of the annual testing are shared with parents and principals. Decisions regarding CAS enrollment for the next school year are discussed at that time.

What types of accommodations are provided for CAS Students?

The types of accommodations are based upon each individual student’s educational evaluation. FBA provides standard accommodations through the CAS Learning Lab. Examples of these accommodations may include: extended time on tests/quizzes; reader for lengthy tests/quizzes; quiet learning environment; scribe or laptop.

Is there a waiting list for the CAS program?

There often is a waiting list for current FBA students as well others desiring admittance to FBA.

When are students pulled to attend the CAS sessions?

Students may be pulled during their specials, electives, or advisory class periods.

What grades does CAS serve?

The CAS program at FBA serves students Kindergarten through 8th Grade.

How is CAS different than tutoring?

CAS intervention programs target underlying cognitive and perceptual weaknesses to help students become independent and active learners in the classroom and life. Tutoring provides academic support in specific areas for a short time and does not address the underlying cognitive and perceptual weaknesses of a student.

How long has the CAS program been in place at FBA?

FBA implemented the CAS NILD Discovery Program in 1998. FBA expanded their CAS programming the Fall of 2015.