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Meet the Director of CAS

Bridget Hughes, M.Ed., PCET, CDT

Bridget Hughes, M.Ed., PCET, CDT

Director of Center for Academic Success

CAS Program

"Our son was in the CAS program at FBA and is now in high school. He was extremely well prepared and organized because of the skills he learned in this program. He grew spiritually and matured as he received the support he needed in a loving and caring environment."
-FBA Parent

Center for Academic Success

The goal for CAS is to assist our FBA students in developing tools of independent learning for the classroom and life while training them to see themselves as competent, confident learners. CAS focuses on strengthening the underlying causes of learning difficulties by developing four key components: cognition, perception, academics and emotions.

CAS Team

Bridget Hughes, CAS Director
B.S. in Elementary Education
M.Ed. in Special Education
Texas and ACSI Teaching Certifications
National Institute of Learning Development (NILD)
Lifetime Professional Certification
Certified Dyslexia Therapist (CDT)

Lisa McCorkle, CAS Therapist
B.S. Health and Physical Education and Health; ACSI Teaching Certifications: National Institute of Learning Development (NILD) Professional Certification

Darla Monzon, Learning Lab Coordinator
B.S. in Psychology
ACSI Teaching Certification

Julie Perry, CAS Therapist
B.S. in Education from the University of Texas at Austin
Applied Learning and Development
Texas Teacher Lifetime Certification, Elementary and History: grades 1-8

Vickie Robinson, CAS Therapist
B.A. in Elementary Education and Psychology
M.ED. in Educational Administration
Texas Teaching Certificate in Elementary Education
National Institute of Learning Development (NILD) Educational Therapist

Linda Thompson, CAS Learning Lab Teacher
B.A. in English and Speech
Texas State Teaching Certification (7-12)