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Warrior Words

Please refrain from sending glass bottles or containers in school lunches, please call the school each day your student is absent, and please report to the FBA attendance desk to pick up your student before dismissal time.

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How wonderful it was to spend some time learning more about digital citizenship last week! Dealing with our kids’ social media presence can seem daunting at times, as things are always changing! Tweens and teens have grown up with technology, so what may appear as too much for us, is part of their every-day world. The more we understand the lingo and their activities, the easier we can breathe and provide the guidance they need. The earlier we can start the conversations about social media, the more comfortable our kids will feel sharing any concerns they come across while active in the cyberworld.

One of my favorite sites for providing guidance for both parents and educators is Smart Social. They have a Parent App Guide, a Parent University webinar, as well as several other features to help catch us up with the technology of today! Happy browsing!

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