Fine Arts Program

Ask a class of kindergarten students if any of them are artists and every hand will stretch into the air.  Can they sing?  Play an instrument?  Of course they can!  At FBA we believe in investing in the Arts in such a way that students keep their artistic passions alive.  

The FBA Fine Arts Department was established to offer a well-rounded curriculum and a cohesive approach to Arts enrichment.  You will see this emphasis from the earliest of ages at FBA all the way to our 8th Graders.

While many schools move away from an emphasis in the Arts, FBA remains committed to a curriculum that includes the Arts in significant ways.  Why?

  • The Arts encourage creative problem solving skills.
  • The Arts remind us that we serve a creative God who loves to have his people join in the creative process.
  • The Arts provide ways for students to build confidence in front of audiences.
  • The Arts give a voice to the artist in all of our students.

Your child will benefit from the Fine Arts program at FBA.  Want to find out more?  Come by for a tour of campus and we will connect you with our Fine Arts faculty.

*FBA also benefits from a strong relationship with the School of Fine Arts at Houston's First Baptist Church.  



The visual arts program in our Middle School presents students with a host of opportunities to create. Students receive instruction in multiple areas, including sculpture, pottery, mixed media, and mosaic. Art is a semester long course at First Baptist Academy and each student presents their work at one of two art festivals held each year. Middle School art students have the opportunity to participate in competitions throughout the school year, including PSIA, Junior VASE, and the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo’s art competition. Many of our Middle School students have received top ten finalist ribbons from HLSR and state-level awards from PSIA, as well as Superior ratings from VASE.

In 2012, FBA’s Middle School students’ art work ranked in the top 12 of United States middle schools (public and private) on, the largest online student art museum in the world. 

Middle School students may choose the performing art in which they participate.  They can participate in band or choir as elective courses, and may also elect to audition for the annual spring play as an extracurricular activity.

Choir students learn many aspects of vocal performance and participate in a concert choir that performs many times throughout the year, including a Christmas concert.  Students are also showcased at the fine arts festivals held each semester where they perform for parents, teachers, and friends. 

Band students are immersed in music from day one, with students receiving their instruments early on so practice can begin right away. Students learn music theory, the proper technique and care of their specific instrument, and how to be part of a concert band. The concert band has won numerous awards at competitions throughout the city. Band students are encouraged to continually express themselves musically and continue to be leaders in the arts at FBA.

Students who choose the dramatic arts participate in the annual spring play.  These students learn many different aspects of theatrical production both on the stage and behind the scenes.  While the department is headed by a dedicated director, the programs are student-led.  Those on stage learn the art of dramatic expression including verbal and non-verbal communication of the play’s message.  A student-led crew works behind the scenes ensuring the sets are changed quickly and correctly and that everyone is where they are supposed to be.  Past plays performed by FBA’s dramatic arts department include The Hiding Place and Get Smart.


Lower School students participate in weekly art classes as part of their activity schedule. Student interest is harnessed through the creation of original works in the style of many of the greatest artists in history. Students also have many opportunities to produce works in many different media including chalk, clay, and watercolor. Student artwork is prominently displayed all over the FBA campus, including in student hallways and the FBA Library. All of our Lower School students have the opportunity to participate in the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo's art competition, and many FBA students have received awards for their artwork.

Lower School students receive weekly instruction in music, including some music theory and the basics of reading musical notes. They learn the fundamentals of vocal performance and explore musical history, such as the life and works of the great composers of the classical era.

Lower School students learn elements of dramatic expression through the Readers Theater program in the FBA Library. There, students learn to tell stories and create characters using their speaking voice alone. All of these skills come together in the annual Lower School musical featuring all of our K-4th grade students. This program gives students the opportunity to express themselves musically and dramatically as they share a special FBA tradition with the audience.

The Lower School Christmas musical is an absolute highlight each year!  The stage is filled with students singing, acting, and having the time of their life!  It's an event not to be missed.  Lower School students also perform during Grandparents and Special Friends Day and have a spring performance.  


The visual arts are integrated into the Primary School curriculum. Students are taught the importance of the creative process and different ways that they can express themselves artistically. Using media such as crayons, finger paint, and clay, students have the opportunity to create their own unique pieces of art and express themselves in a way that goes beyond words.

Music is integrated into our Primary School curriculum both in the morning and in the afternoon. Students also participate in weekly music classes where they learn early skills in music theory. In December, Primary School students play a role in the annual Christmas pageant, a traditional part of FBA’s Christmas celebration.







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